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Once the design is finalised, our skilled artisans get to work, using traditional and modern techniques to craft each piece with care and precision. From selecting the finest materials to hand-finishing every surface, we take pride in every detail, ensuring that our furniture is not only beautiful but also built to last.

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Our CNC machines are the powerhouse of our factory. Our team of experienced operators and programmers work across all three of our multi-axis CNC machines, allowing us to work efficiently within tight time frames.

We have two 5-axis router machines – one with a twin table vacuum bed, and the other with a pod and rail system. These machines can deliver incredibly precise cuts and shapes, allowing us to create even the most intricate designs with ease.

In addition, we have a 4-axis lathe that allows us to create beautifully turned wooden pieces, adding a unique touch to our furniture designs.

Our CNC section is an integral part of our furniture company, allowing us to bring our customers’ visions to life with speed, precision, and quality. We’re proud to offer cutting-edge technology and a team of experts who are dedicated to delivering exceptional results.

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At the heart of our company lies the fabrication section, where precision and craftsmanship are infused into every piece of furniture we create. Our facility boasts a seamless flow of fabrication processes that combine machining and assembly to deliver premium pieces of furniture that stand the test of time.

Our team of skilled machinists, veneers, and joiners work in harmony to bring our designs to life, delivering outstanding quality and attention to detail in everything they create.

With their vast expertise and knowledge, they can bring any design to fruition with the highest level of precision.

Our fabrication workshop is fully equipped with machinery that ensures quality and efficiency in everything we create. Our range of equipment includes panel saws, sanders, veneer presses, moulders, planers and bandsaws.

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hospitality projects upholstery
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Expertly executed upholstery truly elevates a piece of furniture to the highest level of quality and craftsmanship.

Our talented team can work with a vast variety of materials and collaborate closely with our fabrication team ensuring that each piece of furniture is perfectly suited to its frame.

This attention to detail is essential to creating furniture that not only looks beautiful but is also functional and long-lasting.

We take pride in every piece of furniture we upholster and are committed to providing our customers with high quality finished products.

spraying and finishing

Spraying and

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We understand that the finishing touch is what truly sets apart a well-crafted piece of furniture.

Our spraying department is equipped with a large spraying booth and baking oven, along with spacious prep areas. This facility allows us to consistently produce large volumes of work ensuring attention to detail.

We are dedicated to ensuring that every piece of furniture leaving our factory is beautifully finished and ready to enhance any space.

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