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tattu resturant

Our team worked with Benjamin West on the new Tattu London project at centre point on Tottenham court road. The project was designed by the famous designer Joyce Wang.

We manufactured unique bespoke items for the sophisticated restaurant including waiter stations, menu stands, outdoor reception desks and a DJ booth, completing the project in Spring 2022.

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The restaurant chain has an exclusive oriental look, so elegant materials were used to maintain the appearance. Marble slabs are prominent throughout the restaurant, giving an exuberant feel. In our bespoke furniture we featured Nero Protoro, which is Jet black with gold and white veins, and Breccia Violetta, a lilac-coloured surface with distinct veining in purple, gold and cream to match the rich dark blacks and purples that are seen throughout the restaurant.

Other materials included medium stained brown ash which incorporate brass features, for handles and trims, to mirror the black and gold of the marbles in the countertops.