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Hospitality Projects is a leading contract bespoke hotel furniture manufacturer and supplier in the UK, specializing in providing exquisite and high quality furniture for the hospitality industry. With our expertise and commitment to craftsmanship, we have successfully completed numerous projects across the UK and Europe.

hospitality projects bespoke hotel furniture manufactured in the uk

Hotel furniture manufactured in the UK

Hospitality Projects, a leading UK manufacturer, takes pride in being a specialist contract furniture manufacturer. Our bespoke furniture is carefully designed and manufactured to high specifications.

We have our own manufacturing facility and a skilled workforce, allowing us to have complete control over the production process and offer excellent service.

Provide an upgrade on hotel furniture

Here at Hospitality Projects, we believe that every aspect of a hotel matters. Starting with the obvious hotel beds, we meticulously craft each bedframe to ensure the perfect’s nights sleep. Our bedside tables and hotel chairs will be crafted alongside your hotel beds, ensuring that your hotels signature looks can be found all over the room. Additionally, you’ll be able to give your reception area an upgrade with our purposely-built chairs and tables. Plus, if you facilitate a restaurant, we will be more than happy to provide luxury restaurant furniture to complete the look. 

Luxury hotel beds, hotel chairs, and bedside tables

why invest in BESPOKE HOTEL furniture?


Brand Reflection

Investing in bespoke hotel furniture allows hotels to personalise their spaces and reflect their unique brand concept. Every element, from materials to colors, hotel beds to bedside tables,  can be customised to meet guests’ needs and fit the available space. This customisation creates a distinct atmosphere that sets the hotel apart from others and enhances the guest experience.


Ergonomic Design

Custom-made hotel furniture can be adapted to specific spaces, ensuring a perfect fit and maximizing the functionality of the interior design. Unlike mass-manufactured furniture, bespoke pieces can be tailored to the hotel’s unique layout, optimizing space and creating a seamless flow throughout the premises. This attention to detail enhances both the aesthetics and functionality of the hotel.


High Quality

Custom-made hotel furniture is crafted with high-quality, wear-resistant, and fireproof materials, ensuring its durability and longevity. With bespoke furniture, hotels can also match detailed elements to their existing furniture, creating a cohesive and visually appealing design. This commitment to quality and attention to detail elevates the overall ambiance of the hotel and enhances the guest experience.


The smallest detail, makes the biggest difference.
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Hospitality Projects provides contract hotel furniture to a wide range of clients, including hotel groups, franchised hotel brands, and independent establishments. Our expertise and reliability have earned the trust of owners, managers, and interior designers.