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Luxury Bespoke furniture

As experts in the hospitality and interior design industry, we acknowledge the paramount importance of fashioning a distinctive and unforgettable ambiance. This is precisely why our dedicated team excels in the art of designing luxury furniture that mirrors your unique vision and brand identity. With your input in personalised manufacturing services, we devote painstaking attention to every detail, relentlessly pursuing perfection in each luxury bespoke furniture piece we create. We firmly hold the belief that these exceptional furnishings not only make a style statement but also represent a wise investment in the prosperity of your business.

Luxury Furniture for every occasion

Designing luxury furniture for every occasion

We offer comprehensive FF&E (furniture, fixtures, and equipment) supply and project management services tailored to upscale residential properties across the UK and around the world. Whether you are a new homeowner seeking guidance on interior design or embarking on an entire project, we are delighted to assist. Our expertise lies in curating luxury furniture, interior design for many kinds of buildings, and crafting exclusive, one-of-a-kind pieces that resonate with your unique style. 


It’s not luxury if it’s not from Hospitality Projects.
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Give your interior design project the luxurious touch

Our expertise lies in the realm of high-end interior design, with a range of services extending from individual rooms to grand-scale properties both residential and commercial. Our devoted and highly-skilled team not only listens attentively to your needs, but also excels in translating our clients’ visions into reality, resulting in the creation of turnkey luxury interiors. Whether you seek a single room transformation or a comprehensive project for opulent living spaces, we are your ultimate destination for luxury furniture and bespoke interior design.

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luxury furniture for restaurants

Luxury restaurant furniture

Luxury furniture for restaurants embodies the essence of sophistication, elevating the dining experience to a memorable affair. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our restaurant furniture always blend aesthetics with comfort seamlessly. Here at Hospitality Projects, we have vast experience with high-end restaurant furniture. With clients including The Gun, Lock, Stock and Barrel, Meraki Restaurant and more, your restaurant could soon join our list with luxury restaurant furniture. 

Blow your customers away when they are greeted with an array of bespoke luxury furniture: because first impressions are everything.

why you need luxury Bespoke furniture



Our expert manufacturing team possess all the knowledge and skills to bring your dream of having luxury furniture in your home or building to life.


Unique Design and

With your input, the design team from Hospitality Projects are going to collaborate with you to create a set of luxury furniture you’ll want the world to know about!


Exceptional Quality
and Durability

We employ a number of practices to ensure your luxury furniture is above the highest standards. This includes using the highest-quality materials, precision engineering, and rigorous quality control processes.